Storm Restoration

St. Louis experiences some of the most devastating storms in the country. Every year, thousands of residents are affected as damaging winds, hail, rain and tornadoes compromise the integrity of your home. We take great pleasure in assisting homeowners through the entire insurance claim process and making sure you receive every single item and penny your courier owes to you. Let our knowledge and expertise guide you through your home’s restoration process so you can finally relax.

If you think you may have storm damage, give us a call, and we will give you a FREE damage evaluation. We will go over the results and let you know if we truly believe that you meet the criterion that is required for your insurance courier to pay for a new roof and/or other exterior components.

 Hail & Wind Damaged Roofs

Hail is usually not visible from the ground and sometimes requires using your hands to feel for shingle bruising after a fresh storm

Many other roofing inspectors may confuse typical shingle blistering with hail damage.